The Devil's Soldier

“My silence is not weakness, but the beginning of my revenge.”

Eve is gone. They took her from me. I will have my revenge. So I train. Hone my body and my mind. But rage burns in my veins. Fuels my anger. I let it fester and grow to use against him: The Devil’s Soldier. I will destroy everything he knows.

The world believes I’m dead. It’s the only way. For now, I hide in the shadows. Growing stronger, more determined. For the Devil’s Soldier must be stopped. And I will stop him! Only then can I be with the man I love.

"Lucien and Eve are a beautiful pair, the fight they put together, the emotions they share and the strength they use to help each other and others around them is so amazing. You feel so much from each character because that is how great the writing is. I seriously was drained after reading all three books." - Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

"The story is written with powerful word's that make you wonder could this be more than just make believe?" - Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Once you start this series it becomes an addiction. Each book is a page turning, can't put down, must have more." - Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★