A Shifter's Rage

"I never go to bed angry. I stay awake and plot my revenge."  

Imprisoned for killing Silas, Briar's only chance of surviving is to rely on her roommates and Luke, the sexy shifter she loves to hate. But getting free won't solve her problems. She still has to kill Dominic, the pack Alpha who murdered her entire family.  

To do that, she has to make Dominic believe she's still team bad guys so she can get close to him and find out whom he's working with. Especially when she learns just about everyone and their evil dog is looking for the one thing she has sworn to protect--the Abydos, powerful and ancient blood that could either end the world or save it.

But playing the other side has some severe consequences, especially when she gets too close to the darkness and savors it's poisonous flavor one too many times. If Briar can't let go of her demons, she'll lose everyone she loves.

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