A Witch's Requital

“The Devil's at our door. Let's give him a warm welcome, shall we ladies?”

Still reeling over Roma’s betrayal, Lynx must also come to terms with the contents of her mother’s journal. Not only was her mother pretending to be someone else, but she also reveals the identity of Lynx’s father—a revelation that changes Lynx’s life in ways she could’ve never imagined.

Meanwhile, with the help of her best friends, Lynx infiltrates Ivona’s network in the hopes they can stop the Eve of Litha, an upcoming event where Ivona plans on raising Trianus, a demon intent on ruling Earth.

Together, they believe they can change fate.

Ignore an ancient prophecy.

Kill one of the most powerful beings the earth has ever known.

But…destiny can’t be changed.

When their worst fears are realized, Lynx, Briar, and Samira are left with no choice but to go to Ivona or risk losing everything. For even a future world ruled by a demon is better than living life without love.